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✔︎Learn how Covid has changed the business world ✔︎Learn how to use these changes to your advantage

✔︎Learn what tools and skills successful businesses are employing now ✔︎Learn how to become one of them

✔︎Learn about Cybozu and Kintone's role in the New-Normal/No-Normal world

✔︎Participate in a Q&A session to hear from the experts

Seminar Overview


21st January, 2021(Thu)
14:00~15:30 JST (UTC+09:00)

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Seminar Program

Session 1

30 minutes

How the Covid-era can propel business to new heights

Speaker:Kintone Australia Pty Ltd Sam Thomason

Covid-19 has led to drastic changes in society and the way we work, leading to a new era of ‘No-Normal’ – i.e. a discontinuation of normality as we once knew it.

As new as this type of disruption may be for those of us living through it, this sort of thing is hardly without historical precedent.
Almost every epoch shift in human history has been preceded by tragedy and hardship, something which forces us to adapt. Covid is no different, and neither are the opportunities it presents to smart businesses to evolve not only to survive, but to reach new heights of efficiency and profitability than ever before.



Session 2

30 minutes

Digital Agility: the modern business's most important survival trait

Speaker: GY Consultancy Group Inc. Tom Arai

Back in January, nobody knew businesses would be thrust into a completely different landscape, nor did anybody foresee the resulting economic situation.

In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 changed the game, flipping everything we had been accustomed to for years on it's head. Companies need to be agile and quickly adapt how they operate and do business DIGITALLY in order to survive and thrive despite the situation.



Seminar Speakers


Sam Thomason

Kintone Australia Pty Ltd


Tom Arai

GY Consultancy Group Inc.

A Brief Introduction of Kintone

Reasons why you should attend:

Learn to thrive, not just survive.

Learn how you can use the huge changes Covid has brought to society to your business's advantage.

Learn about Covid success stories.

Learn about how companies have leveraged a mixture of technology and societal change to improve internal efficiency beyond Pre-Covid levels.

What is Platz’s aggressive stance on quality control, as seen in its commitment to “high quality, high performance, and low cost?”

Platz Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Home nursing bed manufacturing

With Kintone, SEIKO Thailand Is Able to Stay One Step Ahead

SEIKO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Retail and wholesale of watches

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